Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I received Volume Two of my blog book in the mail this week.  There is something very satisfying about seeing my words and pictures in old fashioned print.  Maybe because it is something tangible, something to hold on to that gives a sense of accomplishment.  I wonder what will become of these two volumes of our family memories.  Will they end up in an attic collecting layers of dust or will they be packed away in a damp, musty basement storage room?  Will they end up in the hands of a stranger someday who reads through them and wonders about the kind of person who would write about such regular, routine events of day to day life. 'Cause let's face it, it's not like I'm Anne Frank hiding from the Nazis with a climactic story to tell.

We are just a little family of four.  Living our lives like so many others.  With dreams and hopes of all kinds...to travel the world, to live in castles, to live where winter isn't such a bully, to meet new people, to learn the story of others...so many dreams, and we can't forget the reoccurring dream shared by many... you know the one where the publisher's clearing house people show up at our door with that great big cheque!

I think it's fun to daydream.  Callie and I play a game called dream house.  I say,"my dream house has a massive mudroom with places for summer/fall/winter/spring coats and shoes AND it still has space for our friends to hang their coats when they visit."

Then Callie says, "my dream house has a waterslide."

After we're done one upping each others dream house we finish with what makes us happiest right now... we  were both loving the fact that watermelon was on sale this week.  It always comes down to the little things.

My blog books may not be full of exotic travel photos, grand mansions, famous people or impossible obstacles  to overcome but they are full of the little moments that bring me joy.  I could easily say, "nothing's new this week.  Same old, same old.."   But that wouldn't be true.  Lot's of things happened since last weeks post.  And without trying too hard, happiness could be found in each of them...

Nana and Papa are home from their long trip...safe and sound and we missed them.
Fantastic Friday night supper with friends...great conversation and the kids had so much fun.
Skiing wind-up party...spring must be coming soon!
Hair cuts for all the girls in the house...we can see Lexi's sweet face again.
The clock sprang ahead an hour...oodles of evening sunshine thought the living room window.
Callie's Kindergarten report card...proud mama and dad
Lexi is fighting off a stomach bug...hmmm, bright side?  Oh ya, extra snuggles for mom.
I caught a head cold...Okay that's it.  No good can come from the mom having a cold!

So, no Nazis to hide from for us, no big cheques being delivered either but we have written our prescription for our cabin fever problem.  Just a little something out of the ordinary.

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