Friday, March 1, 2013

The Little Things

It's always around this time of year that we start to suffer from a severe case of cabin fever.  Last year we went to Disney to cure this infectious disease.  This year's prescription has not yet been written.  Hopefully it will be soon because just an ounce of anticipation for something out of the ordinary is enough to pull us all through another month of winter.  It's not that life is boring around here or that we don't have anything to do, it's just that those red and blue snowsuits are starting to wear, the winter boots feel heavy and sluggish, the once crisp, white, fluffy snow is becoming icy and grey.  We're just ready to move on.

Our week of finding the joy in the little things.

Say hello to our March lion...

This is exactly how you will find Callie unwinding from her day.  Watching a show, drinking water from a straw cup and twisting the furs on her blankie.  Of course, she gets to have the remote control because she's the big sister.  


Here's where you will find Lexi when we get home.  She likes to put her cowgirl boots on first then play with Keira. Keira is the popstar from her absolute favorite movie of all time, The Princess and The Popstar.  

We moved some stuff around in Lexi's room to accommodate the doll house.  It's funny how changing a toy's location gives it new life.  Lexi can play for a long time with all her girls.


While Callie was unwinding after school, watching a show, a commercial for Disney's Sophia the First app came on and Callie came running, talking a mile a minute about what she saw.  She dragged me back to the TV, pressed rewind to show me the commercial again, and then said how much she would really like to play those games.  I decided to let her spend some of her Christmas gift card money to buy the app.  She's been making and recording stories like crazy.  I think showing her creations to her dad is her favorite part.

With March finally here, the "dark" days are ending.  We get home in the daylight and bask in the late afternoon sun shining in the living room windows.  Apparently shade is required to be able to see the picture in the coloring book.

After looking at this picture, you will pleased to know that hair cuts, with a PROFESSIONAL, are marked on the calendar!

It was Callie's day for show and tell at school today.  She took these four hockey pucks to share with the class.  I have no idea what she said about them.  Oh, to be a fly on the Kindergarten wall.  I wonder if she made up some outrageous, unbelievable stories about where she got them.  Or did she stand in front of the class and say, "I got these pucks from my basement.  They belong to my dad. The end."

Little sister will always be the little sister but she is getting so big.  She likes to wear strips, she likes coloring, puzzles, games, Barbies, and sleeping in mom and dad's bed.  She talks with her hand on her hip and has mastered eye rolls and batting her eyelashes.  She had her papa taking care of her this week because our regular day care was closed for a couple of days.  When Callie and I picked her up from papa's house yesterday she had chocolate all over her face.  I asked her how many bird drinks (chocolate milkshakes made with a bird shaped blender, in case you were wondering) papa let her have.  She smiled and said, "I had more and more and more and more!"

Last weekend Callie asked if she could have someone sleep over.  "Who?" I asked.  She wanted to know if her sister could have a sleepover in her room.  So they had a sister sleepover.  At least for a couple hours until Lexi jumped ship and pitter-pattered her way to mom and dad's room.

Good night.  Happy sleeping and happy weekend.

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