Sunday, March 17, 2013

Winter's Final Act.

We spent a good chunk of time outside today.  I took a picture of our backyard snow hill that has provided so many hours of  entertainment this winter. It has also given its fair share of bumps and bruises. Callie has a bit of road rash on her nose today after a tumble and face wash into the ice crusted snow hill yesterday.  

I took these pictures because in three days it will all be gone.  Bring on the umbrellas and rubber boots for the first day of spring.  Next week is our spring break and we are in desperate need of a set change around these northern parts.  Calling all stage hands... out with the snow and in with the spring backdrop.

We ventured out exploring in the deep snow.  The bright sun was shining on our faces, reflecting it's rays off the sparking, white blanket.  The March sun differs from the January sun.  It has a tiny bit of warmth.  Just enough to give us hope that we are nearing the end of mitts and toques and snowsuits.

Just to be clear, I'm not wishing the time away...just the weather.  As we trudged through the deep snow I thought about the end of another season and, as always, I wondered if we made the most of it.  Because for as much as I want winter wrap and spring to be center stage I am aware that we won't have another 6 and 3 year old winter again.

(half hour later...) I just looked back at the last four months of blog posts and I can confidently say that we are ready to move on.  Skating, sliding, skiing, ice forts, road trips, birthdays, board games, friends, family and we are finally scraping the bottom of the mega-sized can of hot chocolate.  It was a good winter.

Winter, exit stage right.  Center stage, a little St. Patty's love.  Next scene, spring break.  Woot woot!

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