Monday, May 27, 2013


The leaves on the trees are bursting, stretching their glorious green wings open to soak up the sun's rays.  

Everyone I know, myself included, is also ready to burst.  Like the buds on the trees, we can't hold it in any longer.  We want out.  Out of socks and shoes, out of the house, out of work and school.  We want to stretch our wings and feel the sun on our faces, the sand in our toes, and the breeze in our hair.  

We are bursting around here.  Getting practiced and prepared for summer, anxiously waiting to trade in routines for late summer nights and lazy jammies mornings.  

A sneak preview of things to come...

bubble blowing.

outdoor dining.

water in the pirate ship.

unfortunately, the water didn't last.  The ship sank due to a worn out leaky plug.  

the start of many trips to the park.

sand in our toes.

it was a long, white winter. bring on some color.

bright pink petunias for this girl.

they picked all the flowers for the yard this year.

dusty miller is her favorite, she says because of the way it feels.

Are you ready to burst too?

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