Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Showing Up

Last week, I recovered from the stomach flu just in time to see everyone else in this house taken down, one by one, by this mean and nasty virus.  Lexi was first in line after me, waking us at 1 am, with the start of load after load of laundry and two middle of the night baths.  Little sister's not so good at hittin' the bucket.  Next it was Jon's turn.  And just when we thought big sister escaped the powerful grip of the stomach bug, I got the call from the school.  There was an incident.  

Callie must be reading the scary part.
Thankfully everyone was healthy enough to continue with our long weekend plans.  We had a some family things to take care of.  I said some final good-byes to two uncles.  I don't know if its appropriate or weird to take photos at a cemetery but I took a few anyway.  I actually found the cemetery to be a very peaceful and calming place.  And since some time has passed since we lost these men, our emotions had a little cushioning.  Sometimes, when there are no words or when there is no way to ease the pain of loss, the only thing left to do is show up.  If I've learned anything from my family over the years it's that Love is showing up for your people.  Showing up for the good times and in the hardest moments.

I like this little church.  It is a replica of the church my grandparents and my parents were married in.  When the church had to be torn down they made this model with remnants from the actual building.  I have a picture of me with my grandparents on the steps of the church on the Sunday that the last service took place.  If that picture was digital I would have inserted it here.


Showing up for our people also included attending my cousin's wedding. Its always beautiful to watch two people promising to always show up for each other... forever.

They look so young.  And happy.  And in love.  This is the first wedding my girls have been to that they can remember.  They watched the "show" intently as the princess walked down the aisle.  Callie thought it was awesome that she seen them give each other their rings.  I have told her the story of why mom and dad wear the special rings that she can't play with many times.

I enjoyed watching my girls play with their cousins at this family wedding.  They ran around and danced on the dance floor.  I danced with them, holding their hands and twirling them around.  The girl's favorite part of the wedding was definitely the elaborate candy table.  They will be eating white, blue, and yellow candies for a  very long time.

We also showed up to celebrate my grandma's 80th birthday.  Insert picture of grandma blowing out the candles with her great-granddaughters here.

I didn't have my camera ready for that memory making moment.  But I have these ones of the kids playing in this little dirt-road town that my family has gathered in for many, many years.

The face of this town has changed alot since my grandparents first moved here in the 80's.  But what hasn't changed is that we keep coming back, showing up for our people.

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