Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mom's Day

I was showered with Mother's Day treasures.  I love these cards that the girls made at preschool.  This is my first one from Lexi.  She chose yellow for me and thinks that I'm 10 years old.  Gotta love her.

I have received a few of these cards from Callie over the years.  This year she really made me think.  Maybe I do spend too much precious time on the computer.  I also asked why she didn't just guess a number for my age and she said, "because the only number I could think of was 100 and I knew you weren't 100."  Thank you, sweetheart, for not saying I'm 100 years old.

Today I forced myself out of bed after an unexpected onset of the stomach flu that completely knocked me out for twenty-four hours.  I got up and slowly began re-entering life feeling frustrated that I had to give up an at-home day to being sick.  I didn't have a lot of zip in me but I so wanted to enjoy Mother's Day with my family.  For most of the day the best I could manage was to sit outside in a lawn chair and read the assembly instructions for the BBQ and watch the girls play.

I'm not sure what Callie liked better, the BBQ box or the bubble wrap...

Lexi sat in the dirt for at least an hour, all by herself, planting seeds.  I can't wait to see some green emerge from the earth.

And hula-girl provided live shows as I sipped my ginger ale and felt sad that I said, "no, mama can't play, she doesn't feel well" so many times this weekend.

I watched as big sister tried to teach little sister how to ride a two wheeler...

And we celebrated Jon's BBQ assembly accomplishment with supper cooked on the new grill.  (The beard? He has a bet with Callie.  He will shave when she wears all her hair up in one ponytail.  I don't think anyone is going to win this bet.)

I was taken very good care of this Mother's Day weekend.

I'm a little pale looking, but I'll take it.  I'm feeling better tonight and ready to start another week with lots of things happening.  Happy Mother's Day.

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