Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Mix of Sun and Rain

When Callie asked me what I wanted for my birthday this year I said, "I want two things.  No crying and I want the sun to shine".  She pulled through with the no crying but as for the sunshine, I'd have to wait.  

People always ask if you feel any older.  I'm not sure what thirty-eight is supposed to feel like but I do feel great.  Do I feel older than thirty-seven? No, not really.  Do I feel older than twenty-seven?  Definitely yes. And by older I mean I prefer my shorts a little longer and my necklines a little higher.  I prefer close friends and family over thumping night clubs.  I see more early mornings than I have late nights.  And I do more in a day than I ever thought was possible just ten year ago.  I think aging is simply just a change in preferences and perspective.

The mix of sun and rain this weekend had us in and out, in and out, changing clothes, swapping shoes for boots then boots for flip flops, and finally lathering on sunscreen for a beautiful Father's Day afternoon.

It was a quiet Sunday at home with our little family.  The girls dragged their dad out of bed because they were excited to show him the things they made for him.

Here's just a few of dad's treasures...

Callie's card from school says her dad likes hamburgers and likes to shop at Walmart.  I could agree with the hamburgers but like is a pretty strong word when it comes to shopping at Walmart.  He generally tries to avoid shopping.

And Lexi, she says her dad likes to eat salad and he likes to shop at the grocery store.  And what girl doesn't love a dad who takes her for ice cream?

This dad loves his girls more than hamburgers, salad, and shopping combined!  Happy Father's Day.

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