Sunday, June 9, 2013

More Good Things to Come

Tonight the tub had a ring of dirt around it after the girls were done.  We scrubbed feet and fingernails and we washed away a weekends worth of exploring a new frontier...aka a campground we have never been to before.

The weekdays are a basically getting in the way of summer holidays right now.  But we've got some business to wrap up before the official start of summer.  This girl has just over two weeks left of kindergarten...

 ...and little sister will soon have a year of preschool under her belt.  These milestones are going to be in need of some reflection and some moaning about time going by too fast.

But time stood still at this campground.  With no power and no cell service, the time of day is judged by the location of the sun, pangs of hunger from the belly, or when the tired grouchies come out of little campers.

Campfire s'mores, mosquito bites and midnight sunsets.  All signs of more good things to come.
Cheers to a good week ahead.

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