Sunday, June 23, 2013

Hodge Podge

This is our last week of structure and routine before summer vacation officially begins.  We have been mentally adding things to our summer to-do list but haven't put any of it on paper yet.  It's hard not to get too far ahead of yourself at this time of year.  There is still a full five days to get through before shifting down into low gear.  

Our Alberta family and friends are soaked.  Seeing the flooded towns and cities on the news is unbelievable.  It makes me think about how little power and control we really have in the world.  There are things bigger than us causing us to be humbled.   

These photos were taken last week.  Before our own rains began.  We're not anticipating anything quite like Calgary but it does look like we will be waterlogged as we countdown the days to our holidays.

The swing set has been repurposed to accommodate the monkey we have in the family.  Lately this girl has been hanging and swinging on anything she can reach.  Her hands are full of blisters but that doesn't seem to slow her down. A few band aids and she's good to go.

I finally broke down and bought her this Angry Birds hat that she LOVED so much.  You never know when they just have to have something if its for real or if it's just going to get swallowed up in all their other stuff that they just had to have.  So far this hat has been a permanent fixture on her head.

Building forts has been the thing to do lately.  The girls asked if they could sleep overnight in their forts in the living room.  Why not?  I figured they would both be back in their beds before morning but Callie didn't budge all night.  She slept soundly underneath blankets draped over chairs lying on top of a padded, vinyl ottoman cover with no sheet.

Lexi quickly gave up trying to fall asleep in her fort choosing a comfortable bed instead.  But she did insist on keeping her boots on.  Sweet dreams my little cowgirl.

Five more days.  Rain, rain go away!

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