Saturday, August 17, 2013

Adventures in the City

It wouldn't be summer if we didn't have a little road trip!  We've been to this city before but two years makes a big difference in little lives.  When we got to the hotel Callie said, "it's just like Disneyland!"  I couldn't quite figure out how this seemingly regular hotel resembled Disney so I had to ask.  "Because the room has a balcony!"  Oh, yes.  Of course.  Just like Disneyland.  I love how her brain works.  

All our trips start with a long drive and an adjustment period of everyone getting the grouchies out before they settle into holiday "this is fun, let's do everything" mode.  This trip was no exception.  So once the grouchies were out and everyone cooled their jets in the hotel pool our first adventure in the city was the zoo.

Hudson the polar bear was the big attraction at the zoo but there were many animals to see. Lots of animals we've never seen before.

As we were walking I asked Callie if she thought the animals were happy in the zoo or if they wanted to live in the wild like on Madagascar.  She thought about this dilemma but in the end she said that she didn't know the answer. I don't know either I told her.  It's just something to think about.

The penguin exhibit ended in the gift shop.  We now have a penguin snowglobe and a penguin water pen kicking around the house.  What to buy was such a big decision for Callie.  She thought long and hard before having to decide between the snow globe and a stuffed penguin.  Lexi chose the pen with penguins and then we were off to other city adventures.

Watching my girls have fun fills my bucket full to the top!  I enjoy watching them as much as they enjoy having the fun.  

And I love seeing little girls holding their daddy's hand.  Pointing in excitement about what's next to come...

...and I love daddy's who carry little girls whose legs are tired and just can't keep up.

Visiting the city is fun and exciting.  With so many things to do and see and places to go I always imagine what it would be like raising my girls in the land of museums and malls and movie theatres.  

I always seem to come to the same conclusion after a week in the city.  Its a great place to visit...

...but I'm always happy to come home.  We have a few more adventures on our agenda before we start talking school supplies.  And since we got home from the city the summer heat switch finally got turned back on!  That should make for some happy campers.  C'mon grab your backpack, Let's go, you can lead the way...

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