Sunday, August 25, 2013

Live on Summer

yurt  (yûrt) n. A circular, domed, portable tent used by nomadic peoples of central Asia.
yurting  (yûrt-ing) v. Camping in a yurt at our local campground.

We've been busy this month trying some new things.  The first new thing was yurting.  And the whole family agreed that this was AWESOME fun.  These yurts are not far from home but we have never tried them out until now.  With the temperature near 30 everyday, this lakefront, seconds from the beach, loons singing, birds chirping, campfires crackling oasis was a perfect summer adventure.

Each morning we would escape the shade and mosquitoes of the yurt area and walk down to the beach. We were always the first ones there and often the only ones for a long time.  I would sit on the sand drinking my morning coffee, watching the girls run and play on the beach, and count my blessings.  It was so peaceful and I was full of gratitude and appreciation for all that I have.  

And as luck would have it, our cousins and our friends were also camping at this campground.  Just when you think life can't get any better than this, your friends and family show up to share in the summer love.

I asked Callie what her favorite part of yurting was.  She said, "everything, except the storm!"  With the heat wave we were having we were bound to have a good storm and it came on our last night at the yurt.  The canvas yurt was not much of a sound barrier between us and the booming thunder and the sound of the pelting rain.  The lightning flickered brightly through the glass dome in the ceiling.  Callie bolted out of the top bunk where she was sleeping, shaking uncontrollably and near sick from fear, she crawled into her dad's arms and eventually settled back to sleep.  And Lexi?  She never even flinched.  "What storm?" she would say in the morning.  

After a week of yurting we packed up again and headed out to a new beach and campground.  We traded our deep, rocky shored,  northern lakes for a taste of the prairies.  Add together sunshine, more friends and family, shallow warm water and cold drinks and you have another recipe for perfection and gratitude. "This summer thing is pretty hard to take."  "This is the life."  "It doesn't get any better than this."   Any of these comments could be heard rolling off our tongues.

We ended our trip to the prairie land in the familiar farmyard of my BFF.  I love the change of scenery and watching the kids play and ride bikes with the wide open wheat fields in the background.

Summer is so short in our country that it always leaves you wanting more.  More time with friends, more visits with family.  More time to read books, more time for adventures.  For us, we always end our summer on a high note...

...little sister had a birthday and there's a party in the works!  Live on summer!

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