Monday, September 2, 2013

My Little Mermaid

We now have a four year old in the house and little sister's wish was to have an underwater mermaid adventure for her party.   Fortunately, by some stroke of luck, on the day of her party the rains came down hard and heavy making us feel like we were minutes away from floating out to sea.  So I did my best to turn our living room into Oceana with dollar store streamers, jelly fish crafts, and mermaid tails too, of course.  

On being four...

Every morning you ask for toast with peanut butter and jam, not cooked.  Which is actually a pb&j sandwich. Every night you ask in the sweetest, four year old voice, "I sleep in your bed, mom?"  You talk about Blair Willows and Delancy Devin and Merliah Summers and Kylie Morgan as if they are alive and well and good friends of yours.  You have us Googling the release of the next Barbie Movie.  

You have mastered a good eye roll and have perfected talking with your hand on your hip.  "Seriously, mom" and "My mom said..."  are two well used phrases.  You rarely forget your manners.  Pleases, thank-yous, I love yous...roll off your tongue without second thought.  You are chatty to store clerks, gas attendants and people in general.

You prefer chocolate over vanilla.  
Late nights over early mornings.  
Noodles over meat.  
Puzzles are a frequent choice but all toys make you happy.
You tell me blue is your favorite color,  
And that granola bars are your favorite snack.

You like to balance things on your head like on Princess Charm School.
You like to wear Grandma's glasses. 
You like to go swimming and you say you want to try dance class.  
You like cheeseburger Happy Meals with no pickle.   
You like to be close to mom.  

You do your best to keep up with big sister.  You ride the Tigger bike down-hill like Evel Knievel.  Mom is always yelling, "Brakes!!!!"  You can maneuver around an iPad as if your brain was hard wired for the task. You are happy and cheerful.  You say, "it's okay to make mistakes, right mom?  You make mistakes all the time, right mom?"  You are affectionate and sweet and oh so smart.  You know how to bat your eyelashes when needed, give hugs and kisses to soften my heart, and sweet talk your way into almost anything you want.  You are my sweet, sweet, baby girl.
You are four.

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