Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday Ramble

Sunday evening seems to be where it's at for me to sit behind this Blogger dashboard and ramble about what's been happening.  On Saturday morning when I got out of the shower this is what my girls had waiting for me...

They had a little picnic set up two inches from the back door...because it was the only spot where the golden, autumn sun's rays were shining.  I like the way they think.

The girls have been taking their turn behind my camera lens lately.  So maybe you will be seeing more of my face in front of the camera.  And Lexi, well, she's got the fake smile thing mastered. Photo credit, Callie, age 6. 

And here I am in my happy place.  Warm morning sun on my face, coffee in my cup, watching my girls ride bikes and play.  Ahh, this is what weekends were made for.  Photo credit, Lexi, age 4.

We participated in a little culture this weekend.  We've been here before.  The girls ate snow cones and kettle corn.  Actually I ate the kettle corn.

And they climbed trees with friends.  This tree was the most perfect tree for climbing.  No other entertainment was necessary although we did watch a little of the dancing and a very interesting Elvis rendition.

A lot of other things happened this weekend.  Things like visiting with my grandma, going to Walmart, shopping for a gym suit for Callie, a classmate's birthday party, home reading, music know, happy weekend kinda things.  But I'm done rambling because I'm going to bed.  All the girls lessons start this week and I'll probably be wiped by Wednesday.  Happy, busy, fun, week ahead.  Enjoy.

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