Monday, August 22, 2016

Back Home

So our holiday road lead us back home to our northern landscape.  And the prize when we got home was that it was finally time for the dad to have some holidays!  Let the fun begin!  To start, we returned to our favorite piece of lakefront property, yurt 6.  This location is a little slice of heaven.

Papa gave the girls fishing rods and tackle boxes for this yurt trip.  They didn't catch us any dinner but they had fun trying.  And I was so very thankful that the dad was on holidays to fish with his girls because if you've ever fished with kids off the rocks you know it's a full time job.  Casting, snags, lost hooks and more minnows... yep, dad is the hero.

And look who showed up to share her northern roots with her prairie children! Same great bunch of kids, new location to grow and solidify their growing friendship roots.

Scavenger hunts, hiking, and biking through forests.  Campfire, hotdogs and chocolaty s'mores...these are a few of my favorite things.  Some may prefer spas and five star hotels with chef prepared gourmet meals as opposed to the great outdoors.  All I can say is that I like both!

Who's to say glorious beach days with bags of chips, games of Uno, football throwing, and hours of swimming can't be five star too?  Especially when surrounded by beautiful friends.

And to complete this five star adventure, swimming by the light of the moon.  These kinds of memories can't be bought.  They just happen when you show up in each others lives and sit back and let things unfold.

We said goodbye to yurt 6 after these days with our friends.  We knew this would be the last time this season that we would be out there and the last time we saw our friends for a while.  So it was good bye for now but not forever.  Till next time, stay beautiful.

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