Sunday, August 28, 2016


We've been talking about getting a camper of our very own for a while now. We've yurted and camped with my parents many, many times but it may be time for us to dive into this camping lifestyle for real.  With all the camper talk this summer it seemed like a perfect time to bring the outdoors in and get ready for a camp party.

Life at seven means...

You're a few teeth short of a full grill.
You love your momma fiercely.
You love sweets just as much as you love your momma.  Sticky cinnamon buns, donuts, chocolate bars, cookies and chocolate milk are your favorite food groups.
You jump around all the time. You're always moving. Always wiggling. Even in your sleep.

You love Barbie and Lego.
You say Toopy and Binoo is your favorite but you watch Full House and iCarley on Netflix.
You've mastered the eye roll and the hair flip. Probably from watching  the horrors of Barbie's Life in the Dreamhouse.
You love to watch movies and eat popcorn.
You like swimming, gymnastics and dance.  You tolerate piano lessons.
You like to stay up late.  Mornings aren't your favorite.

You are always hot.  Even in winter.  You're always wearing tank tops and leggings.
You like to wear stylish boots.
You like when dad cooks juicy steak, ribs and hamburgers.  You order poutine in a restaurant.
You say you're favorite color is pink but it doesn't really matter.
You like to sleep with someone, especially mom, but anyone will do. You snuggle close and kick all night.
When you're grown up you say you want to work in a bakery.

You're always climbing on furniture.
Your sister is your best friend and, at times, your worst enemy.
You run from the bus after school to hug and kiss your momma.
Your favorite thing about your dad is that he makes you french toast.
You are smart and funny.
You are lovable, huggable and kissable.
You are my little peanut.
You are seven.

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