Monday, August 8, 2016

Holiday Road

Near the end of June, the conversation is always about summer plans. It's as talked about as the weather.  My response to "What are your plans this summer?" was something like, "oh, not much. just staying home, enjoying our town and the lakes, just relaxing."

So when my friend Marlene suggested the girls and I come to visit her in her town, we figured why not? So we loaded up the truck and headed south to have some new adventures and to revisit some old favorites.  

Our first new adventure involved a beach in a town that we've never been to before.  Lake Winnipeg feels a bit like you're beside an ocean just without the salty air.  When the wind picked up, the girls road the huge waves on their boogie boards and I held on tight to Lexi so she didn't end up out at sea! We spent the day in the town of Gimli, checking out the seawall gallery, learning a bit about it's Icelandic heritage and finishing up with an evening movie at it's one of a kind retro theater.

The next town we explored was one we've been to before.  There is never a shortage of fun when you're at Tinkertown with friends.  We wanted to hit up Tinkertown again because the girls are getting bigger and the rides at this kids park are staying the same size so we wanted to repeat this performance for the third time just to ensure that the great times we've had here transfer into long term memory. But really, are you ever too old for funhouse mirrors...

 And the same goes for the Children's Museum... the third time's a charm.
There's no forgetting these good times!

We also spent some time at the junction of the Assiniboine and Red Rivers exploring, meeting musicians, learning about flood waters, bridges, statues of Louis Riel, and a little guy they call Golden Boy.  We had a history lesson disguised as a river boat ride which makes me think I need to brush up on my elementary school social studies.  Callie told us all about how many beaver pelts she needed to buy a sac of flour at the trading post.  There is certainly a lot to learn at The Forks.

We made such great memories on this trip and this wasn't even the end of our holiday road...there's still more to come.

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