Friday, September 16, 2016

Back at 'er.

The first days and weeks of  the new school year have come and gone and we are back to packing lunches and forgetting to return library books.  Callie has the same teacher and mostly the same kids in her class as last year.  And maybe all that sameness is what made this fourth grade year one of our smoothest transitions yet.  Her exact words, "this is the first year I haven't had bad belly aches". Maybe it's the sameness, maybe she's growing up.  Maybe a bit of both.  Whatever it is, we'll take it.  

 And my sweet little Lexi started grade two without missing a beat.  As long as she's got a high ponytail and tall boots, she's ready for anything.  Grade two feels pretty big kid.  Especially when you have a big sister and all her friends to hang out with.  She needs frequent reminders that she is just seven years old.

I will enjoy another year of part time work.  Getting home in enough time to make supper and meet the girls as they get of the school bus is a perfect balance.  I will treasure this balance as I know it will not last forever.  Cheer to grade two, four and part-time hours.  Let the learning begin.

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