Friday, September 30, 2016

Colors of Fall

I like to meet the girls when they get off the school bus.  Even though they are completely capable of making it across the parking lot, past the shop and up to the house on their own.  I still like to walk out to the road to meet them.  A long time ago, I was at a conference for work and the speaker was Gabor Mate and he had just coauthored a book with Gordon Neufeld and he was talking about the idea of holding onto your kids and the phenomenon of peer attachment.  Google it if you're really interested but the funny thing is that even though I wasn't married and had no children when I heard Gabor speak (and I've since heard his buddie Gordon speak many times as well) I have never forgotten the concepts that he spoke of that day.  One of those concepts was the idea of collecting our children and the benefits of a greeting ritual.  Yes. I'm for real.  This is what goes through my mind as I wait for the bus.  How greeting and saying hello to my children will keep them close to me and how beautiful the leaves are and how the sun feels on my face and how happy I am to be alive.

I asked the girls if the wanted to go for a walk to World Rock.  It used to be them asking me but there has been a shift as TV and electronics exert their power as we know they can.  So it is me saying, "let's go for a walk."  Lucky for me, Callie was willing to join me.  Beyond our backyard fence and the trampoline and the too small swing set we have quite the yard to explore.

We make it to World Rock and decided to keep exploring.  Walking down the highway just to see what we could see.  Looking for fall's colors and treasures and just being.

We found some rock solid love around us.  We're loving fall and all its amazing colors.  We're getting ready to store nuts and make things cozy.  These upcoming months are responsible for filling our hearts full to the top, warming them up and keeping them strong through all the winter days to come.

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