Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Adventure Continues...

...where was I...oh yes, we are home from our little adventure and the stroller is back in the garage until the snow melts and the puddles have evaporated and the mud has dried up.  On the way home from our city trip I went to visit my BFF - the term Jon uses whenever she calls our house for a marathon gab session on the phone.  We often talk about nothing, or we tell the same stories that we've already told. We talk about mom stuff, wife stuff and or course kid stuff.  Our phone conversations are the greatest but it is always better when we can have these conversations in person. 

We stopped to visit my friend Shaun's home in the country.  I love her home, I love her family...I love her.

A Mama who loves my baby as much as I do.

Shaun's home is the easiest place to be.  It's warm and inviting and relaxing. The kitchen begs people to sit down and gather and visit and laugh.  And cook too, I guess, as we looked for a new recipe to make that involved cream cheese and sundried tomatoes. yum.

Shaun's home is new to her.  Her family has lived there just under a year.  But it is a home that has a story...a history...a family home where memories are made.  It is also my home away from home...obvious considering I've been to visit four times and they haven't even been living there for 12 months.  We only stayed one night this time...being careful not to wear out our welcome as I want to visit again in the summer when the air won't be as cold, snow won't be covering the eons of green grass, and the majestic trees lining the driveway won't be void of their luscious leaves. 

Everything is more fun at a friend's house. The food tastes better.  The aroma of the fresh brewed coffee is more intoxicating.  The laughter from the kids is deeper...deep from the belly...from the endless, made up, don't make any sense, bahahahaha.... knock, knock jokes.

When we drove up to Shaun's house Callie said, "remember we made cookies last time we were here."  I love when she remembers...remembers making memories at my BFF's house with her family and ours intertwined, loving life.  We didn't make any cookies at this visit.  But we did have an impromptu early birthday party for Shaun's big boy who will be entering the 3 year old club soon.  And when I say impromptu...that means a box of donuts from Timmy's with a number 3 candle stuck in one of the yummy, sugar coated rings.

I love the time spent in the company of good friends.  During spring break I was lavished with the company of friends.  I over-nighted with my BFF.  I had coffee with my friend who is beginning an exciting new relationship.  I visited with an old friend who is healing from a great loss.  And of course, my daily friend and I had a couple of gab sessions over a pot or two of coffee.  I love my friends...for they are an extension of my family.

Can't forget the dads.


mblackcdn said...

I love this post! I love that the Haskey's 'made the blog' ;) I love the pictures. I love seeing Paigie in Shaun's Love to Farm T-shirt. Miss you All. Now let's hope this comment actually posts ...

Carrie said...

Yay...the comment posted!!! Can't wait until I get to see you in person, Marce. Then your beautiful family can meet the blog too!!!

Megan said...

I came to your blog from Kelle Hampton and just wanted to say hi!!

It's so nice to have a close enough friend that being with them is as comfortable as being at home. Your post made me think of my own BFF and how blessed I am to have her :)

I have a fun giveaway on my blog today! You should come check it out :)