Friday, April 22, 2011

Great Idea

"Mom, how 'bout tomorrow we watch tv, play with small things, have a party in sister's room, eat some candy, and then go to Nana and Papa's.  Does that sound like a great idea?"
Callie, age 4

I have to say that my brain is always bombarded with thoughts and feelings, ideas and projects, dreams and wishes...with things I want to do and new things I want to learn.  If anyone could join me in my brain it would be like watching one of those vintage arcade games where the ball pings and bounces everywhere...lights flashing to signify the really good ideas and the big ding, ding, ding, to announce the jackpot ideas.

     The box, the jackpot idea of the week.

    Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel...Callie style.

Here is just a sample of the rambling of thoughts rebounding back and forth in my mind...I should find some new recipes I'm getting tired of the usuals, hang the pictures in Callie's room that have been sitting on the shelf for a year, locate a storage solution for the broken cabinet in the living room,  I wonder if there is a calendar on my Blackberry to remind me what color to wear (I forgot to wear pink on Dare to Wear pink day for breast cancer...I forget a lot of things), I wonder what the characters in the novel I'm reading are doing right now, I think we should paint the bedroom, I need to learn more about bullying prevention, I think I'll organize a stress awareness day, I wish I knew how to play the piano, I need to start exercising, I want to make a shutterfly book....OK I'll stop.

I have lots of ideas...lots of things I want to do, to experience and to learn.  I sometimes get paralyzed when its time to execute my thoughts and ideas. I have things envisioned in my mind and when it comes out in reality its never quite like I imagined. 

Take this blog for example,  the words in my brain fit together like a massive jigsaw puzzle, all working together, living in harmony, one idea at a time being put into place until the entire picture is complete.  Then, when I go back and read my words, it's like some of the puzzle pieces are get the picture, you know what it is, but something is missing.  Like something got lost in translation between my brain and my fingers as they typed my thoughts on the keyboard.  And everyone can see the picture just fine...but I always think...if only you could see the picture I have in my mind. Now that is a great idea.

Callie executed a few of her own great ideas this week.  We played "going to the hockey game" and it had to be just like a real hockey game.  We had to stand for the national anthem, sit in the front row, cheer for daddy's team, and the best part of all...we went to the concession to get popcorn and juice.

Vancouver Canucks...not quite the game they had envisioned...Defeated 7-1

A tea party...with the breakable tea set...another great idea.

The weekend vision...

My perfect Easter plays out like a made-for-tv-movie.  Two beautiful girls dressed in frilly dresses and bows in their hair, white patent shoes with scuff marks from the green grass of the exquisite park where the egg hunt is taking place, the sun is shining, people are laughing and visiting...

...there will be a lot of puzzle pieces missing from that vision of Easter.  The grass won't be green, rubber boots will replace the white patent shoes, Callie may not wear a dress and the hair bows will likely be pulled out before dinner.  But, it's  all good.  We have some great ideas for the weekend.  Is it possible that the real thing could be even better than the vision?

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Megan said...

haha!!! I liked your perfect Easter vs your real Easter! I'm pretty sure my 7 year old will not be wearing a dress, though I'd love for her to. And hair bows? Yeah right.

But yes, real life is always better than the perfect pictures we dream up :)