Saturday, April 23, 2011

At Home Day

This morning I am having coffee with a little splash of Baileys.  Callie and Lexi are playing in Callie's room and Handy Manny is the background noise of choice today.  The sun is shining in the windows past all the fingerprints and shmuck. 

I just have to say, I love our at home days. 

I was uploading pictures from our family day yesterday and as I was browsing through the folder of the last month...I found some more favorites that I want to share.

Things that I'm lovin' today:

1. That the snow is nearly done for another year.
2. That I'm still in my jammies.
3. That the deck has lawn furniture on it.

Just so you know...we only lick the icing.

Who likes David? Meeeeeeeeee!

4. That Lexi's word bank is growing...this week's word - "backpack". Thanks Dora.

This game is called "long trip".

5. That Lexi finally cut 3 more gone runny nose and chewing of everything.
6. That soon it will be warm enough to have my morning coffee outside on the deck in my jammies.

Oh sweet juice box I hold you in high regard, I chew on you and squeeze you and you never complain.

7. That Lexi is such a snuggler and will cuddle in bed with me in the morning.
8. That Callie could win the award for craziest bedhead.

Happy Saturday  everyone...Love every minute of it.

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