Saturday, November 5, 2011

Red Sky in the Morning

Every day this week the morning sky has been jaw-droppingly beautiful.  The first morning we saw it, on our drive to daycare, I whispered to Callie,  "Look at the sky!  It's Pinkalicious!"  Each morning I said, "I wish I had my camera with me."  And this morning, there it was...

This sky only lasts for minutes and then it vanishes into daylight.  We watched this transformation this morning in our jammies as we stood in the back yard on our tip toes, hopping back and forth, trying to avoid the cold cement on our feet.  If there is any truth to the saying, "red sky in the morning, sailors take warning"  then I wonder what we're in for?  Actually, I don't wonder, I know what we're in for. And if it could hold off just one more week...we will be able to go ahead with our plans.


We successfully made it through the week.  Because any week that begins with the collection of mounds of candy is bound to have a low around Wednesday, then a drag your butt Thursday, and a exasperated TGIF Friday. 

Buzz is still going strong... and she took the show outdoors.

Today I went to the annual community craft show.  And that red sky isn't the only sign of what is coming.... today at the craft show, the sound of carols pumped out of the sound system while I flipped through hand made Christmas linens and I oohed and ahhhed over Christmas ornaments. 

I have been bitten by the holiday bug. 

In case you might not know, I am one of those lovers of the holidays!  And Christmas is no exception.  I like the preparation, the excitement, the family time, the sparkle, the lights, the smells....ahhh the smells.  I can barely get the pumpkins put away fast enough to make way for snowflakes and snowmen and the smell of cookies and gingerbread.

When we leave the house in the mornings,  it is dark as night and we can see our breath.  There is frost on the grass and on the truck windows if I forget to park it in the garage.  Callie takes in a deep breath and says, "it smells like we should go to Grandma and Papa's."  I breathe in. The faint smell of woodsmoke from someones chimney fills my mind. 

Callie can't hardly wait either.  She knows that is the smell of a fire burning and she has been asking for weeks when will it be time to have a fire. She knows that a fire means cozy nights at Grandma and Papas.  She knows that means Christmas is coming.

Come on red sky... we're ready (well, almost).

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