Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up on Tuesday

When dad is away, the girls will play.  And play we did.  But not until we got the mood of the house just right.  After swimming in a rather chilly pool for our friend's birthday party on Saturday, I pulled out all the stops when we got home to warm our bodies and our surroundings.

 My dream house has a real, wood burning fireplace with a beautiful stone hearth... picture ski lodge coziness.  Until Mike Holmes shows up to "make it right", I will plug in the electric fireplace for ambiance and light some candles to meet my desire for a flame.  With the lighting in the house just right and a bag of microwave popcorn popped, the girls and I settled in for our first Christmas movie night...with A Charlie Brown Christmas being the movie of choice.

"Of all the Charlie Browns in the world, you are the Charlie Brownest!"

We kept ourselves busy with this and that while Jon was away for three days.  I held down the fort, taking care of the things that needed caring for.  And being on my own, taking care of our girls during our at home days, without the dad, is not as stressful as it once was... but we still missed him. 

We passed the time with a hot chocolate tea party and some Dora puzzles.  Puzzles she's done a million times but she still asks for "help" which really means, "sit next to me mom and watch me do it."  And it has me saying things like, "maybe Santa will bring us some new puzzles".  Completely for my own sanity because  I would like a new challenge. Callie, on the other hand, rarely asks for, begs for, or wishes for anything.

If there has to be a bright side to Jon being away,  this would be it...

..my big girl who eagerly fills dad's spot next to me in our king size bed.  She doesn't sleep in our bed very often and I have to say, I liked having her there.  She doesn't flip and flail like a toddler anymore.  We laughed and giggled.  I scratched her back.  Then I listened to her breaths become slow and rhythmic.  Lexi joined us at her usual time, around 5am, unannounced to Callie.  In the morning, I say, "How did Lexi get out of her crib and into our bed?"  Callie spent the better part of Sunday trying to get Lexi to reveal the secret behind her Houdini trick.

And now, "the dad" is home and everyone is back in their own beds. And I am officially off to my own.  Good Night.

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