Sunday, June 5, 2011

Procrastinator Extraordinaire

I am a procrastinator.  There, I said it.  I've admitted it.  If there is something that can be put off until tomorrow I will put it off.  Things like filling up the truck with gas...I always wait until the low fuel light is on or that stuff that was dribbling down the living room wall that I told you about the other day...ya it's still there. 

Sometime I get motivated to get things checked off my to-do list like the other day when I sorted through the mountains of clothes in my closet diligently tossing anything I hadn't worn in the past six months...and yet the bags of clothes sit there on my bedroom floor to be tripped over and climbed on instead of taken to the thrift store.

Sometimes when I'm procrastinating I daydream.  I like to daydream about my dream house. My daydream is like a jambalaya  of all my HGTV friends mixed together.  I have this reoccurring vision where Mike Holmes shows up at my house telling me he's here to "make it right!"  I imagine opening my door to Mike wearing his overalls with no undershirt, his tanned biceps bulging from the weight of his tool belt slung over his shoulder and he says, "I'm here to build your dream house!"  Here's where the daydream turns into Extreme Makeover Home Edition but without the sad story. Our family gets whisked away to see Mickey Mouse and Ty Pennington starts shouting in his megaphone, Mike Holmes starts makin' things right, and Sarah Richardson stops by to make everything pretty.  And in the extended version of this daydream the shop across the road gets a makeover to look as good as our house and the backyard turns into an oasis like you see on Million Dollar Listing

Bus driver...move that bus.......

OK, enough procrastinating.

My to-do list still has boxes that need to be checked.  The only thing not on that list is laundry.  The washing machine has been working overtime this week.  Today is day 6 of Lexi's stomach flu and its amazing how one little-bitty girl with a yucky bug in her tummy can create so many loads of laundry.  Callie was able to fight the bug off and only needed a day of rest but always seems to take her longer to recover. 

Lexi's smiles were few and far between these past few days and actually there wasn't many real great photo opportunities between laundry, diaper changes, and steam cleaning the carpet.  And not to mention the constant snuggles and back rubs that she required.

We did venture out to celebrate Great Grandma B's 88th Birthday this weekend and I'd love to post some pictures...but I didn't take any.  I hate when this happens to me...when we're making memories and I don't have a picture of it.  In all the chaos of getting out the door and Lexi's constant whimpering from not feeling well, my camera sat at home on my kitchen counter as we celebrated Grandma's 88th year.

We will have to keep our memories in our hearts and in Grandma's words...she says, "you don't need to buy me presents anymore, I don't need anything."  Well, we didn't actually get her a present but Callie made her a card and we bought her some lottery tickets.  She may not need anything but it's hard to say no to a little gambling and a bucket full of money no matter what your age.

Today we went to the park.  Just another strategy to take Lexi's mind off her troubles and the idea that maybe some fresh air will be the exact medicine she needs to rid her of her bug.  Really was just me looking to procrastinate some more and what better way than hanging at the park with the family?  A little quality time with dad before he leaves on his long trip.

OK.  Enough procrastinating.  Publish Post.

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