Thursday, June 9, 2011


I forget a lot of things.  Yes, I forget and I procrastinate.  It's any wonder I can hold down a job.  My brain is low on gigabytes.  I make no effort to remember things that can be looked numbers, dates, important information...just about everything. 

But since my girls have been born I have feared this forgetfulness.  I became worried that I wouldn't remember the complete euphoria I felt when Callie was born and how I was lying there in my hospital room thinking "bring on the visitors".  I couldn't wait to show everyone my little beauty.

 And the feeling of pride when I got to push her in the stroller for the first time, walking tall, doting on her, shading her from sun and wind and having this satisfied feeling like ya, this is my baby... not a niece or nephew or friend's child but my very own little peanut.  I think every mom has this right of passage. Whether it's attending your first playgroup, your first legit trip to the park, or finally getting to contribute your own labor and delivery story.  Everyone's verification that they are officially a mom is unique and memorable...but so easily forgotten.

I received a baby's first year calendar when I was in the hospital will Callie and I started documenting.  I wrote down all the big firsts and all the small things in between.  And I took pictures.  Because I didn't want to forget.

The calendar ended and I procrastinate too much to be an effective scrapbooker.  So, hello blogger.  My latest effort to not forget.

Things I don't want to forget.

On our way to preschool the other day Callie sees a No Parking sign.  It was the letter P with a line through it. Callie says, "Mom, I know what that sign letters allowed."

I squashed a mosquito that was buzzing around in the bathroom.  I brushed the dead bug off my hand into the toilet.  Later, Callie went in to pee and when she looked in the toilet she said, "Mom, my tummy bug finally got out of me!"

This girl loves shoes.  And if she sees a foot without a shoe on it she makes it her mission to squish that foot back into the shoe where it belongs.

Sister has some big shoes to fill.
Lexi's favorite word... "mama" in the highest pitch humanly possible.  But coming in at a close second... "No, No, No."  And when her words don't quite get her what she wants she drags us by the finger, usually to the fridge, and points at the door.  Milk? I ask and she responds with a solid head nod and a smile and follows it up with a little happy dance.

Callie says, "I'm showing Lexi what to do at swimming lessons so that when she gets bigger she won't have to be scared." 

Today was the last swimming lesson in this series.  And Callie rocked it....passing into the next level. And it wasn't until this last lesson that I decided to bring Lexi a sucker in hopes of distracting her from doing her own swan dive into the pool as we sit on the pool deck to watch.  Sheesh, I wish I would have thought of that nine lessons ago.

My efforts continue to not forget.  To remember the big days and the inbetween days. The exciting and the mundane. To remember the feelings and emotions that can't be looked up in a reference book.

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