Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Happy Day

Yesterday was my birthday.  It was a good day.  My phone was vibrating all day alerting me to the the newest birthday wish written on my wall.  It's such a simple thing...a few key strokes containing a birthday greeting followed by 'share' but every time my phone buzzed I had to look to see who it was from.  This simple thing made me smile and elevated Tuesday's status from regular day to great day.

Things have been a little hectic around here lately.  Jon was away on a long trip for five days so it was just me and the girls going through the motions of the daily routine.  We missed him and it was a happy day when he got home. 

Lexi finally recovered from the flu bug only to be bitten again five days later...uhgg.  She woke up on the weekend  irritable and clingy, next came the fever, then a trip to the emergency room and finally some antibiotics for her ear infection. The month of June has not been kind to Lexi. 

In other news...

This girl sure can run...

I'm not sure who will be more sad when our Saturday morning soccer match comes to an end Callie or me.  I love watching her, my little sporty spice, run with all her 110%.  And when she scores a goal she just stands there, all shy, waiting for her reward... a cheer or a high five or some encouraging words from the crowd -aka- her mama.

Lexi likes to hang out at the soccer field too.  She's a big fan of the half-time orange break.

We are looking forward to doing a lot more of this...


Mother Nature never forgets my birthday.  She always gives me the gift of blooming lilac bushes.  And yesterday I stopped by my mom's house to cut my birthday bouquet of fresh lilacs.  Their fragrance has encompassed our entire home and makes you want to breathe in deeply when you walk in the door.

It was a happy day. A birthday celebrated in the quiet comforts of home.  I don't mind getting older.  Everything seems to get better with age.  I am grateful to be alive and in good health and surrounded by family and friends. 

Grandma's new red door...the color is awesome.

Happy Day.

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Megan said...

A very, very happy birthday to you!!! Sounds like you had a wonderful one. Your cake is amazing!

Love the soccer pics :)