Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June 1st

The tree outside my kitchen window has burst...

Callie has been participating in swimming lessons at the local pool for the last few weeks in preparation for our upcoming beach days.  I can't believe how over-the-top proud I am watching her in these lessons.  I sit on the side of the pool in the gallery of other parents but unlike the other parents I am cheering and clapping and going to the edge of the pool to give her a high five.  When she pops her head out of the water, spitting and coughing and wiping the water from her eyes, she looks for me and shouts, "Did you see me, mom?  I put my whole body under the water."  I flash my biggest smile and give her a goofy, two thumbs up!

I've seen a transformation in Callie.  A growing confidence, a shorter warm-up time to try something new. I've watched her grow from the little seed who wouldn't let the instructor splash water on her feet to the apple tree that she always picks to be for the game of chop, chop timber that starts the swimming lesson.

We had a swimming birthday party earlier this week.  I watched as Callie floated around in her life jacket and swam over to anyone she knew and proudly announced "I can put my face in the water! Wanna see?"  Well, this was pretty small potatoes for most of the kids at the party and none of them responded with a high five or a thumbs up and my hear sank a little for my big girl who was so proud of her accomplishment although none of this seemed to affect her enthusiasm.

And these two have loads of enthusiasm when they get together...

And lately, Callie has been such a gentle soul of a big sister.  She's taking care of Lexi outside in the yard, holding her hand so she doesn't trip on the cement steps, helping her with her shoes and zippers.  Attempting to catch her at the bottom on the slide.  And she uses this soft, grandmotherly type voice and says "Big sister will help you."   Unfortunately, Lexi hasn't been the most accepting of this outpouring of sisterly love as she is exercising her independence and insists on doing these things herself.  There seems to be a bit of continuous loop between my two girls.  Where one offers help but the other doesn't need it and when one needs help the other has none to give. But when the two collide and one offers help and the other receives is a making memories moment.

These last two days, Callie has been showering the love on her little sister because Lexi has caught a nasty stomach flu.  Lexi has been lethargic and fevered and has required extra time and attention and Callie wants so much for her to get better.  She gives Lexi her blankie and speaks gently to her...saying the words she hears me say.  But tonight, the caregiver Callie, appears to have caught the nasty bug from her sister.  They may not be able to share the favorite baby doll but they have no problem sharing the nasty flu bug!

So tonight Jon and I will be working the overtime shift doctoring and nursing our girls back to happiness and health.  Here's to hoping it's an easy shift.

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