Sunday, June 26, 2011


The countdown is on.  Only four more days until summer vacation officially begins.  We have big plans for summer...lots of lazy pj mornings, a few trips to the beach, a visit to the animals at the local petting zoo, yard work, painting, organizing...all those big jobs that are put off until we have more time.

In cities and small towns across the country, students are filing into arenas and community centers sporting caps and gowns and listening to inspiring speeches about new beginnings, fresh starts, dreams and possibilities.  June is all about Alice Cooper shouting out his famous lyrics...Schools out for the summer...

I think there are more life changes, more important decisions made, and more hopes for the future in the month of June than all the successful New Year's resolutions combined.  Whether you're graduating preschool, high school, or college June signifies the end.  And just as the last binder hits the recycle bin...the night staff at Wal-Mart are unpacking boxes of loose-leaf and number 2 pencils getting ready for the next round of hopes and dreams.

No one graduated from school this year at our house.  But we will celebrate the end of the school year anyway.  Because with school being over, family and friends start holidaying and visiting... and that means us too.  We had a great weekend catching up with family and celebrating new beginnings with friends on their big day.

My sweet little niece proudly wore her birthday badge today, joining the two year old club.  It was a party full of tomorrow's little hopes and dreams. 

Let the countdown begin!

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