Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I've spent the last couple of nights soaking up the love from my girls, making up for the three days I missed  while I was in the city.  Lexi got two nights of rocking until she was sound asleep and Callie got to stay up late to have some quiet time.  Time where she gets out of bed and sits on my lap and promises not to say a word. 

But tonight, everything is back on track.  The girls are tucked in bed, the Canucks are on the tv, and I need a another weekend after my weekend away to tackle the never ending story of laundry, grocery shopping, and restoring some order to the house. 

Despite the chores that need to be done, I feel rejuvenated.  I filled the part of the bucket that can sometimes get neglected when you are going through the motions of life.  When you get caught up in routine it's easy to let the time-for-yourself part of the bucket slide.  Just like the know which parts you can let slide and things will still be okay.

I got the  two for one deal... a weekend in the city visiting and shopping with friends and attending a conference for work which was inspiring and got  me fired up to do more and try some new things.

Yes, my bucket is full.

Especially since someone flipped the switch and turned summer on.  Literally overnight we are scrambling, looking for shorts and tank tops and flip flops.  Good thing Mama did some serious shopping in the city.


I am watching the the buds on the tree outside our kitchen window just waiting for them to burst into a luscious blanket of green.

And our evenings have been spent outside...slurping Mr. Freezies and filling the pirate ship with water.  And its okay to splash and get wet because the sun is warm and beaming at maximum capacity.

And so you know, I do comb Callie's hair every morning before we head out the door.  But by the time she gets back home...

My bucket is overflowing as we coast closer to the weekend.  A long weekend at home.  It's good to be home.

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Megan said...

Soaking up the love...essential! Love those precious moments.