Sunday, May 1, 2011


Forget hockey or baseball...our national past time is discussing the weather.  The weather is such a powerful force in nature and it dictates our lives.  We rely on scientists to predict what we will do with our weekends.  Will events be cancelled due to inclement weather or do we proceed rain or shine.  Personally, I'm not sure if I believe in the science of meteorology.  It seems like everyone has a 50/50 chance at getting it right.  The weather influences nearly every decision of the day...what clothes to wear, what shoes to put on, whether you walk slowly taking it all in or race to the car to get out of the elements...everything depends on the weather. 

The weather is a lot like a middle school student...they love you one minute and hate you the next.  And that's how our weekend was...a love-hate relationship with the outdoors.  After such a long, cold winter we are suffering from a severe case of cabin fever.  We insisted on getting out of the house even if it was only for short bursts of time between flurries and gale force winds.

After a Friday of ginormous wet, sloppy snowflakes and slushy roads the grey sky parted and the evening sun came out to say hello.  Callie and Lexi meandered through the woods at Nana and Papa's...taking it all in.  Stopping to pick up pine cones and introducing themselves to the neighbors flamingos who apparently forgot to fly south for the winter therefore trading in their bright pink hues for a shade of peach. The air was crisp and fresh and created rosy cheeks and little pink noses and tiny ice-like fingers.  The air eventually pushed us indoors and into our bathing suits to warm up our bodies from the core... in the hot tub.

The funny thing about the weather is how it has such a power over our motivation.  It can control a person's thoughts and feelings and moods.  And I succumbed to its power and let the winds and frostbitten air suck away all the good intentions I had for the weekend.  On Saturday afternoon, I pulled back the covers on my bed that I had just made a few hours before and crawled in with my big girl tucked in beside me, her massive fuzz of curly hair tickling my face.  We let the howling wind and the rustling tree branches play us a lullaby as we drifted off for an afternoon nap. 

A warm spot in our weekend...a new baby to meet and coffee with her mama.
Those little Lexi fingers were obsessed with her hair pretty.                                                                                                             

The cool weather required some baking...lemon, cranberry, poppyseed muffins...mmmm                                                            
As anxious as I am to get on with summer and all its attractiveness...I will not complain, at least not too loudly, about the minor hardships we are having with regards to our weather as my friends are close to losing their properties to flooding, because farmers livelyhoods are dependent on the sun, tornadoes and tsunamis are devastating parts of the world.  I will complain gently that summer isn't coming fast enough.  And we will make the best of it. 

The girls played beach today...

Such juxtaposition...the vibrate sunshine and sandcastle making with winter jackets and toques.  Yes, definitely a love-hate relationship.  Here's to hoping everyone gets a little more love this week.

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Megan said...

I only like to discuss the weather when it's warm.....which means I have nothing to say :(