Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mother's Day Love

Seek the wisdom of the ages, but look at the world through the eyes of a child....Ron Wild.

I received my Mother's Day treasures from Callie a little early this year.  When I picked her up from preschool her arms were loaded down with the projects that they had "secretly" been making for the past month.  My many gifts included a marigold that they grew from seed. She told me about how it needed water and sunlight to grow big.  And this bloom is held in a one-of-a-kind decoupaged plastic vase created by my little artist.  My delicate bloom will eventually find a home outside in the flower bed when the risk of frost has passed and where it will have room to stretch its roots and bask in the summer light.

My other cherished gift was a card that has the perfect combination of glue and glitter and two little traced hand prints that act as the leaves of the flower on the front.  And when you open the card it has Callie's responses to a list of questions about her mom.  The blanks are filled in by a preschool teacher who must get such a kick out of recording the insightful words of a four year old.

For some of the questions her comments are pretty bang on.  She was able to tell the teacher my first name and replied that my favorite drink is coffee...a reasonable choice.  And her response to the question "What does mom do around the house?"  was simply, "She cleans up".  I can agree with that, I've been known to pick up a thing or two.

On the other hand, some of her answers made me stop and ponder.  Because this is how she sees her mama.  I'll start with my favorite food to eat.  Callie thinks that broccoli is my favorite food. I find this very interesting because I don't mind eating broccoli, it is a fine vegetable,  but I'm almost positive Callie has never seen me eat any because it hasn't been on the menu at home forever... because nobody but me will eat it!  And let's talk about my favorite tv  I do like to cheer on Jon's team during the Stanley Cup...mostly because I'm excited for him to win any bets or hockey drafts he's in...but I wouldn't choose to watch it if he wasn't home.

And then their are the answers that warm my heart. What's the best thing mom does with you?  "My mom makes puzzles with me and I really love it when my mom takes me swimming."  Does she know that I love doing puzzles with her too?  And that I love reading her stories and coloring pictures and going exploring in the back yard.  The list of loves are endless and I feel so lucky to get to be her mom.

 And tonight Callie asked me...When is Sister's Day because I want to make things for Lexi.  We love our baby, right mom?

You've got that right sista!

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mcwill said...

Love the umbrella fun, we don't own one actually but av saw the pics she said we need one mom!