Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I am tired today.

Every so often I have a tired day where coworkers will catch me in mid-yawn.  Tired beyond the point of wanting to think.  Too tired to reflect on the day and write anything inspiring. 

And mostly my exhausted state is from my own doing.  Simply put...I stayed up too late last night.  I was reading this blog and I kept saying to myself , "I'll just read one more post then go to bed."

I was fortunate to have been able to meet the blog's author and attend one of her workshops.  Her work with children, and girls in particular,  interests and motivates me.  When I attended her workshop, my own children were far from conception. Now that I am the mother of girls...her work intrigues me even more. 

Did I say that I'm tired today?

I Stayed up too late last night and on top of that poor choice Lexi decided to rise with the sun at 5am today.  I do think she will make a great farmer some day...always up at the crack of dawn.

Sleep has never been a priority for Lexi.  And although I say I'm tired today it in no way compares to the exhaustion I felt pretty much her entire first year of life.  You know that kind of sleep deprivation where you start hallucinating and when you get up in the night to nurse your baby and you go to sit in the chair and the next thing you know you and baby are crashing to the floor...because the chair is not there.  Ya.  I'm not quite that tired today.

And I'm sending all the empathy I have to my faraway girlfriend who is at home with her new baby boy.  She is rocking and bouncing and sleep deprived and hallucinating and counting down the days till hubby gets home.  Hang in there sister.  If its any consolation...I survived and you shall too.

Tonight I sit in complete silence.  I can hear the clock ticking in the kitchen and my fingers tapping on the keyboard. Jon is working late.  Lexi is sleeping.  Callie is sleeping...finally.  She only had about six excuses tonight. Because you know if you Give a Four Year Old  a glass of milk...she's going to have to go pee.  And while she's doing that it reminds her to brush her teeth...

And so I'm going to bed now.  And I will leave you with the whitest, most sparkling four year old smile...

My very own Cheshire Cat.

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