Wednesday, November 9, 2011


The girls' daycare has been closed for over a week.  That routine that we worked hard to adjust to over the past two months has been interrupted. Piecing together people to take care of our precious cargo while we head off to work is a humbling task.  I don't know how we could do it without the endless help from our families. And I am aware that it can be done as I know many people who are living their lives successfully without their extended families being within an arms reach.  But I am so very grateful for Papa and Ozzy and Grandma and Nana because of the ease of mind they provide for me as I kiss my girls' foreheads and leave for work.  And this ease of mind is not only knowing that my sweethearts are safe and cared for but more importantly...that they are comfortable.

So instead of having to get up and go in the morning, the girls have had a weeks worth of at home days with a jigsaw of people fitting together to oversee their playtime.  And what good would a few bonus at home days be if they didn't include some non-hair combing and summer t-shirt wearing days.

 Both girls chose to wear their Pigtail Pals shirts on the same day.  I love this mom's philosophy on girls clothes and when I stumbled across her website a few months ago I thought her shirts were perfect for my sporty little spices. eventually got combed later in the day!
The pumpkins and Halloween artwork have been set aside making way for some snowflake window clings...just  a little warm up for the upcoming Christmas season.  There is presently a little skiff of snow on the ground.  Lexi keeps bending down to touch it as she doesn't seem to remember if from last year and Callie had her ski pants on already, declaring that she can't hardly wait to go go sliding, build a snowman, and make snow angels.

And finally, during this week of unsettled-ness, we celebrated.

Happy Birthday to my beautiful mama!  I let Callie pick grandma's gifts this year.  She picked things she thought grandma would love.  It just so happens that they were things she loved too... a blankie, a pillow, and light up snowmen.  And her reasoning went something like this, "first grandma likes to sew, then she likes to cook, then she likes to rest."  After helping us out with the girls all week, I think grandma can skip right to the rest part.

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