Monday, October 31, 2011


There will only be a few words tonight as I am coming down off the sugar high and am ready to crash. 

Our weekend went by fast but we did manage to get the pumpkin carved...

Dad was in charge to the knife.
Only six pumpkins to choose from at the Co-op...just large misfits were left but we did find this gem!

We're not particularly crafty around here, but I've seen these guys all over pinterest and thought, "now there is something I can manage."

Here is the magic formula...
Cellophane bag  +  Mini marshmallows + Tied with black ribbon + Sharpie marker eyes and mouth =
Cute little Halloween ghost treat bags for the kids at preschool.

Callie tried on the costume that I ordered from eBay.  This girl decided months ago what she wanted to be...and never once wavered from her decision.  Callie was crazy excited to see Buzz Lightyear come out of the box.  And just so you know, there was a lot of jumping off the arm of the couch.

That sticker on the of several Toy Story stickers that have been on my bedroom mirror for so long that I hardly even notice them anymore. 
  And there was a lot of flying around the living room to infinity and beyond...

What Callie didn't know was that there was supposed to be wings with this Buzz Lightyear costume but the eBayer forgot to include them in the package.  I contacted the seller as soon as I noticed but as of Sunday evening...there were no wings.

Jon called me at work today just before I went to pick up Callie from daycare to take her to her preschool Halloween party.  And if she was crazy excited about the Buzz costume, she was near speechless when she saw the inflatable jet pack that arrived in the mail today just in the nick of time.

And Lexi, she wanted no part of trying on her costume or wearing it to daycare today.  But when it was time to hit the streets I said to her, "You put on Hamm costume, you get treats."

She replied, "cheat! cheat!"  And on went the costume.

Before I tell about tonight's trick or treating adventure we must first visit Halloweens of the past.  The last four attempts at trick or treating have been minimally successful.  There have been tears.  There have been refusals to knock on doors and say trick or treat.  There has been hiding behind mom and dad's legs. There have been times we maxed out after two stops and headed back to grandmas to hand out treats instead.

So this year we tried a different approach.  Instead of heading out, just our family, we hooked up with some friends and trick or treated in their neighbourhood (since our neighbourhood is a little short on neighbors).  A group of kids, some older, some younger went door to door collecting buckets full of sweet treasures.

And I just have to say.... it was awesome!

Buzz could not stop smiling.  Or running. 
And Hamm followed along, eating her "cheats" as fast as she could collect them.

Maybe today was a success because the girls are a year older.  Maybe it was because we were with friends.  Maybe it was because the weather we had today is completely unheard of for October 31.  It was just like in the magazines or like a made for TV movie.  Children dressed in just their costumes. Parents strolling along, supervising from the sidewalk, chatting about the days events.  What is most evident is not what is but what isn't present.  No winter jackets shmushed under costumes.  No windchill.  No snow, slush, or sleet getting your feet wet. 

Buzz helping Hamm up the steps.

Whatever it was, I could not get enough.  I love, love, LOVED watching Callie grinning from ear to ear, having a blast.  Finally figuring out that this trick or treating thing just might be OK after all. 

And kissing my little Hamm's cheeks, stained with smartie juice, carrying her tired little body for the last few blocks...

...the best.  Good Night.

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