Monday, October 17, 2011

Happy Monday

I love weekends.  So much of life happens on the weekend.  The standard Monday morning opening line is, "How was your weekend?" And the responses are endless...but some of the old stand-bys include good, alright, not too bad, busy, exhausting, the usual, too short, uneventful and finally, pretty quiet.  Just like ours. 

When all was quiet in the house, here is where I found Lexi...

We haven't officially started to potty train yet but we got the little potty, that sings when you tinkle, out of storage to see what Lexi would think of it.  Little sister seems to be a natural at pulling down her pants and sitting on it with her diaper.  We've been reading potty books and have started saying, "Tell mom and dad if you have to go potty."  No one will be more excited than Callie when Lexi actually performs on the potty.  Callie has been teaching and encouraging Lexi in that gentle, high-pitched, grandmotherly type voice she uses when she is loving her little sister completely.  She even has a make-shift chart that she has taped to the bathroom wall just waiting for its first check mark.

The David books - still Lexi's favorites.


The girls and I spent Saturday evening with friends.  And I got to fill my bucket with baby snuggles, baby sounds, and oohh that baby smell...

I wasn't the only one who couldn't get enough of this blue-eyed beauty.  Lexi was intense.  Wanting her for her own, personal, real life baby doll.  Demanding that she be put in the jumperoo so that she could bounce her, demanding that she be put in the swing so that she could push her, and demanding that she be put on the floor so that she could maul her!

Callie preferred to play with big brother.  This boy likes to play dinosaurs, buzz lightyear, and soccer...all Callie's favorites.  And the mention that they could possibly go skating together...well now it has to happen for sure because her heart is set on it.
The definate highlight of this visit, Trix.  A ginormous rabbit that was staying with our friends for the weekend.   The sign on the door said it all, "Welcome to the Zoo."


Lexi was just a little off this weekend.  Not sleeping well.  Needy and clingy.  Wanting to be held and carried.  I dug out the hip hammock that we haven't used in over a year and I strapped Lexi in to see if it would help soothe her cries for affection.  She only stayed in it short time but I realized that I miss wearing my baby. 

I don't carry her around much anymore but I still get plenty of early morning snuggles.  She may like to sit on potties and torment tiny babies, but sister wants nothing to do with sleeping all night. 

Our weekend was pretty quiet.  How was yours?

Happy Monday.

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