Saturday, October 22, 2011

Brain Power

So, I had full intentions of stringing my words together into a beautiful, poetic post tonight but I got sidetracked and now it's late and a brief update will have to do.

I got sidetracked because I listened to this guy all day and I wanted to learn more about what he had to say.  I like people like him... people who challenge the way you think, who not only believe that you have the ability to do better, they actually inspire and require you to do better. 

Although it was a conference for work, I couldn't help but think about how my new knowledge will be applied to my work with these two...

I learned a lot about "brain state" today.  I learned about paying attention, being "awake" to the world around you, the importance of doing things consciously and about living in the present.

Presently, my girl is a nail biter...

And presently, all of my pictures are of the girls in their jam-jams because it is after the chaos of getting home, making supper, cleaning up, and bath time that I think to grab my camera and live in the moment.

Today during the usual four o'clock to six o'clock chaos we did something different.  We listened to our new brain boosting music.  And maybe I just have a tendency to want to believe in things but I definitely felt like the house had a different vibe tonight.   Jon walked in from work and with a raised eyebrow asked, "what's with the music?" 

I respond by saying, "It's making our girls geniuses, my dear".

And his response... "Oh".

I smiled on the inside because this is one of the many reasons that I love him.  Because along the way he has learned that I am always going to be trying new things or that I like to make changes or that I'll say I've read this or that and I'll ask him what he thinks?

He lovingly calls me crazy...and he trusts me by keeping his mind open.  So tonight, over dinner, we rocked out to some Baroque music (music that I hadn't really listened to since my fine arts class in first year of university) and I filled him in on what I learned today.

Do all kids watch 50 inch TV screens from this distance?  I don't even want to know what this is doing to her brain development!

If you want to talk about crazy, little sister is climbing and jumping off everything!
Now I am tired and want to do something not so mindful... look at pinterest boards, shop online, watch HGTV... anything that results in internal brain functioning.  So, not as beautiful and as poetic as I would have liked, however, I am a genius.  Publish post.

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