Friday, October 28, 2011

It Goes Fast

It's Saturday morning, coffee is in hand and The Cat in the Hat is dancing around on the TV.  Daylight is just breaking and oh, is it dark in the mornings when we head out the door.  So sitting here in our jammies, watching the night transform into the day from the comforts of home, is divine.

Lately it feels like the days are disappearing with each blink of the eye.  The standard comment that comes from people with grown children is, "enjoy those girls, it goes by fast."  And I can tell you first hand, that I feel it.  It seems once the days start gaining  momentum with their routines and activities, there is nothing short of a brick wall that could possibly slow things down.

This week, in an effort to slow down the rolling ball of routine, we went to visit grandma at work instead of going home to make supper.

Big sister loves to" help" grandma at work.

Lexi likes the little desk full of goodies in grandma's office. 

Both girls are all about making art these days.  They love to draw and color, cut and glue, and create masterpieces.  Each day there is a new stack of art...

Lexi has been studying the use of line to create her one of a kind abstract prints.

Callie is more into portrait art.  She usually likes to draw people, rainbows and sunshines but lately there is the odd bat, vampire or pumpkin patch thrown in.
I have a hard time deciding what to do with all these works of art.  They are treasures and I want to keep them all because I am aware that time moves fast. It seems not that long ago that Callie was studying the use of line and now she on to the more advanced use of shapes.  I wonder what's next for us in the world of art?

Moving on...

We haven't seen Jake for months.  But this baby has been hanging around for a while.

And both these babies could use a haircut...

When she's not looking I sneak in a hair pretty.  But the instant she finds is gone.  Along with a handful of hair.  So if you ever see her with a hair pretty... shh, she doesn't know it's there.


and magnet blocks...
  ...were the hot toys this week. 

Now I must move on because time moves fast.  We've got a pump-pum, in Lexi's words, on the counter waiting to be carved and a some costumes to try on in preparation for Monday.  Let our at home days begin.

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