Monday, October 10, 2011


I have so much to be thankful for.

It's not that I need a day to pronounce all that I'm thankful for because I think I try to to pay gratitude regularly, through out the year...  always looking at my glass as half full, paying attention to the small moments and the inbetween days.  But Thanksgiving weekend makes me think about my most prized possessions. 

My family. 

The best thing about Thanksgiving is today.  Our extra at home day.  A day that starts out with two little bodies climbing into our bed, rolling on us, poking at us, and clicking the bedside lamp on-off-on-off.

Time together is what I'm most thankful for.  The time to run and play in the leaves.  The time to create an art project with the girls.  The time to stop and read stories outside on a hand stitched quilt from grandma.  And even the time that we are all in the same room, each doing our own thing... clicking keyboards, coloring pictures, watching Mickey, dumping toy bins... I'm thankful for this nothing special time too. 

    Leaf mobile project...phase two.

No Thanksgiving would be complete with out a family dinner.  We spent the evening with Jon's family.  And, of course, we're thankful to Nana and Papa for stuffing us full with deliciousness. Turnips are always a controversy at the dinner table.  You either love 'em or hate 'em and I am in the love category.  I ate Jon's share, his love for them is minimal.

Callie had been asking all week if we were having turkey and pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving dinner.  There must have been some discussions at preschool about how people celebrate Thanksgiving.  She came home from school declaring her love for pumpkin pie.  I was suspicious of  this new found love because I, myself, have only recently (say in the past few years) acquired a taste for pumpkin pie. As it turns out, her love for pumpkin pie was real.  It wasn't just a short love affair with the whipped topping as I suspected, it was a true love for the crust, filling and all.

Eating.  Playing.  Laughing.

It is our only hope that one day, someone will actually be able to play something, for real, on this piano.
So thankful.
Happy Turkey Day.


Christine said...

Happy thanksgiving the pics! So funny that c is zipped right up in a big jacket and l is in short sleeves! You need to teach me how to blur the pics like the o ne with gramma and Jon playing cards.

Christine said...

Oh and I am lovin l's hair in the header....... Big girl!