Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Countdown Begins

This years soccer season has been duking it out with Mother Nature.  The rain has won out several times in this very short eight week season.  Last night's make-up game may have been dry but Mother Nature still got in a final upper-cut as the sand flies swarmed our heads and we did crazy arm-flapping dances on the sidelines to avoid her worst move... the old sand fly up the nostril trick.  

As the kids ran up and down the field trying to outrun the bugs, Lexi climbed up and down the bleachers seemingly unbothered by their annoying biting habits.

We are starting the official countdown to summer vacation.  Just 15 more days until lazy jammie mornings and daily coffees on the deck.  In two weeks there will be more time for books and friends, beaches and pools, art and games...

Callie has been working on her poker face.  She can play a mean game of Go Fish... always trying to trip you up with her cunning strategy.

The official countdown to summer begins.  Starting with tomorrow. My birthday.  Good Night.

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