Saturday, June 23, 2012

Summer... We're On Our Way

Last night as I was laying in bed with Callie saying my good nights, I closed my eyes.  I thought about how good it would feel to just go to sleep right then and dismiss the do to list that was circling in my brain.  So I let myself go and drift off into sleep world, even though it was only 8:30.  Now this morning I am up bright and early, before the girls, wishing I had a cup of coffee but I don't want to make any noise grinding the beans.  

There are a lot of things happening these days.  Wrapping up in June is just as much work as starting up in September... it just has a different feel.  Yesterday Callie graduated from preschool.  She received her paper grad hat and the teachers wished her well as she makes her way to kindergarten. And it was all okay.  No emotional goodbyes or deep thinking for mom.  Just a happy, confident girl.

Despite my lack of having a green thumb, my helpers and I finally got some life and color planted in the backyard.  There used to be this commercial on TV that described our seasons in the north.  I always think of it this time of year.  It had images of our four seasons - winter, winter, winter, SUMMER!  And in the shot of summer it has nearly a years worth of living packed into two months.

Big sister had her final soccer game last night. She ran hard and kicked away but I think she liked the half time orange break and holding hands and giggling with her friends the best.

Little sister is going to miss the orange break too.

 Now it's time to get moving.  The girls just woke up and we got a years worth of living to get done.  Six more days on the official countdown.  Lookout summer... were on our way!

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Christine said...

Love it! Can hardly wait for the play dates and summer fun to begin! Happy Graduation! See you at school once we've finished all our summer fun!