Saturday, June 9, 2012

Saturday Morning Ramblings

I'm going to rattle off this post in record time because the morning is quickly slipping away... and then I would have to change the title to afternoon ramblings.  It was too wet and buggy to have our morning coffee on the deck today so I'm having it here in blog-world.  I have to keep an eye on my coffee cup because Lexi also enjoys a good cup of java and has been known to down a cup when I'm not looking.

Little sister's personality is starting to shine through...emerging out of all the usual toddler behaviours and evolving into her own distinct little person.  Her likes and dislikes are beginning to be all hers and not just an extension of her big sister's.  She chooses to wear dresses, she eats oatmeal, and she never chooses the green one of anything.

And because one wears dresses and one wears graphic tees, one has fine straight hair and one has curls, one is a snuggle bug and one is independent... they are two different pieces of the puzzle that fit together perfectly.

Their worlds are growing beyond the nest of our backyard.  And their pride and independence bursts when they are granted permission to walk down the the hill to see their dad at work... all by themselves.  And of course they are oblivious to the fact that mom is watching them from behind and dad is and waiting to greet them at the other end.  But in between mom's release and dad's collecting, they are spreading their wings and flying!

The crib has been dismantled.  And I found the best solution to letting go and holding on at the same time.  The crib is now the headboard for Callie's bed.  And Lexi's new bed was just a small step...

...and it turned out that I wasn't as sad as I thought I would be to say goodbye to the last sign of a baby in our house.  Because it was hard to look back when Lexi was only looking forward.  She was over the moon  happy with her new bed.  She proudly and carefully spread the hand-stitched quilt from great-grandma onto her toddler bed.  She guarded her new bed, not letting Callie on it.  It was hers.  All hers.

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Christine said...

Ava loves Lexie's new bed, and the picture with the old bed, so she won't miss it:) I love the hair cut!