Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Letter

A letter to my girls for the future.

Dear Callie and Lexi,

When you are grown and living your lives you may not remember the kind of dad you had when you were five and two years old.  I want to tell you about your dad.  Your dad takes his girls fishing, he plays soccer and hockey with you. He laced up his skates for every skating lesson, holding your hand, standing right by your side until you let go and went on your own.  Your dad always knew he would have girls and has never, not even once, mentioned anything about wishing for a son.  He has no activity reserved for a boy.  He believes his girls can do anything boys can do, or anything girls can do for that matter.  He loves you both for the exact little people you are and the exact big people you will become.  

Your dad plays games with his girls.  He teaches you card games and helps you count the squares on Chutes and Ladders.  He builds puzzles and reads bedtime stories.  He knows that the time may come when hanging out with your old man won't be top on your list so he does not sit by, he does not take the time he has with you for granted.

Your dad takes good care of you.  He wakes you in the morning, makes your breakfast and helps to pick out clothes.  He makes pancakes on your birthday in the shape of your age.  Your dad never lets us leave for the day without a kiss.  And he tries his best to be home on time after work because he knows his girls are waiting to tell him their stories.

Your dad takes you swimming, to the zoo, and to the park.  He lifts you up when your too short and he pushes you on the swings.  Higher and faster, whatever you request.  He buys you ice cream.  He wipes your tears when you cry and holds your hand when you're scared.  

Your dad says, "no".  He says, "no feet on the table, no more treats, no more band-aids for pretend injuries". He insists on good manners and kind words and is happiest when you, "listen the first time".  He says you are smart and beautiful, funny and cute, creative and talented.

Your dad loves your mom.  He shows you everyday how you will be accepted unconditionally,  respected and encouraged, trusted and forgiven... all by loving your mom.  

Every young girl wants to marry her first love.  Her Dad.  Is it any wonder?  Happy Father's Day.

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Christine said...

Beautiful Carrie.... how lovely this letter will be years from now! Not sure how I missed this post a month ago but am glad I took a look back!