Friday, September 28, 2012

Fast Time

Time is going to start to speed up.  Because when life gets busy time slips by at an unbelievable pace. And if September is any measure for the speed of time then we must not blink or it will be Christmas.   With the girls lessons starting up soon we've been savouring every moment of our after school time.  There is a small window between the end of the school day and supper time so we've been filling it with bike rides in the back yard and by stopping in at random parks on our way home.

I don't take my girls to this park very often because they go there regularly with the day care.  But I always make a point of stopping in the fall because the walking path is jaw-dropping when it's all decked out in it's fall colors.  I've always wanted to live on this street.  All the houses have a front view of wide open spaces, majestic, mature trees, and a little playground nestled in between.

I like to be busy... but not too busy.  I like the go, go, go of summer and I like the laid back autumn nights.  I love the hectic shopping, decorating, and planning for Christmas but I also like the do-nothing, TV watching January blahs.  A little bit city, a little bit country.  

This morning Callie told me she wants to be a firefighter because she loves to slide down poles. 
We're always working on balance.  Being careful not to over schedule so that time goes so fast that there isn't any room left for small things.  This weekend we are going to enjoy as many small things as possible before life speeds up next week.

Where does the time go?  I bet the girls' papas would like to know.  Two papas and two birthdays this month.

Time goes fast.

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