Saturday, March 1, 2014

Berry Farm

You know when you have a really amazing vacation and then you get back home and it all feels like a dream and you wonder if it really happened?  Like, were we really just outside in shorts and flip flops?  I'm sure glad I took lots of pictures to remind myself that it really did happen because now we're back home with minus forty windchills and a lot of grumbly people.  

So I'm going to roll out our holiday photos in several posts to spare everyone from the alternative, a zillion posts that complain about the cold!  And because I took lots of photos and I don't want to forget a minute of our memory making holiday.

We had told the girls that we were going to visit their Nana and Papa but we didn't mention that Disneyland was just a short drive from their place.  Those Valentine's Day cards had some very exciting news.  Callie was pumped because she could remember from two years ago but I don't think Lexi knew quite what to expect.  

Before we got to the land of Mickey Mouse we had a little drive to take.  It's refreshing to see new landscapes.  So different from what we're used to...mountains, desert, palm trees.  And we can't forget the blue skies that bring warmth and sunshine.  On the drive we found Knott's Berry Farm.  Jon remembered going there when he was a kid so we thought we would check it out.  

There weren't any Berry Farms that we could see.  Just huge thrill rides.  Mostly too big and too scary for all the members of our group!  We followed a map and did laps around the park attempting to find a spot where a seven and four year old would have some fun.  Callie spotted face painting and jumped up and down.

We found Camp Snoopy and saw a ride that looked like it was perfect and the line appeared to be short. Of course appearances are deceiving and we all exercised our patience while waiting to get on Snoopy's Gr8 Sk8 Board.  

It was definitely fun while it lasted!  And the girls loved it.  Which is really all that mattered because why else were we there?  But we did find a log ride that the whole family thoroughly enjoyed, twice.  And yes we bought the picture at the end of the ride because it's so fun to look at and because we needed a souvenir since we are not likely to return to this park.

Knott's Berry Farm was a good start to our week.  Even though it's not a farm and I never saw any berries. Smiles were made, patience was grown, and lessons were learned.  Not enough rides here for our little troopers but we knew where we could find some.  Next stop. Disneyland!

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