Tuesday, March 4, 2014

When Elephants Fly

 When we got home from our trip, Callie did a little presentation to her class at school about her holiday.  I sat off to the side of the classroom and watched her shine with joy and enthusiasm as she talked about the pictures she showed and answered questions from her classmates.  She worked hard trying to explain all the rides, all the things she did, all the things she saw but some things are difficult to explain.  The magic of Disney isn't easy to put into words.  Even the most talented of writers would struggle to accurately describe the feelings of awe and the meticulous details that are experienced.

Instead of trying to describe it, maybe we should just count number of smiles in the pictures.

Of course, these are just a few of the photos. I will never tire of seeing my girls so happy.  So excited to see and do everything that you have to reign them in.  Such anticipation for what's next that they must be forced to sit and eat lunch to keep their energy levels up and the grouchies away.  Even though we've been here before, there were new things to see, details that we missed, and new experiences to be had.  Two years can feel like a blink of the eye to an adult but it is eons in the life of a child.  Last time we had two girls hiding their heads in our shoulders when it was time to meet Mickey Mouse.  This time we have autograph books full of signatures and photos of the girls with as many characters we could meet.  Last time Callie loved the Pirates of the Carribean.  This time she got scared and only rode it once.  Last time Lexi didn't meet the 40 inches necessary for some of the rides.  This time she Soared over California with the rest of us.
Exact same place, just new perspectives.
More smiles to come...

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