Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Night

Tonight, when I drove home from my workout at the gym, the sun was shining so bright I had to flip the shade down in the truck to shield my eyes. Thanks to the time change last weekend, we are slowly beginning to emerge from what I like to call "the dark days".  The temperature was a balmy -15 and I could almost smell a steak cooking on the barbeque and I had a vision of cold beverages being sipped on the deck. That's basically the only way to get through long, cold, dark need to look forward.  And if you have nothing to look forward to then you better make something up, quick!

I feel like painting things in our house...walls, furniture, whatever.  I want to paint in every bright, cheerful color imaginable.  But when I look around, I have no idea where to start, what colors to pick or what to do. And then I think about the mess and how helpful the girls would be.  And then I get overwhelmed so I sit down and watch home shows instead.  This weekend I'll settle for getting the outdoor Christmas lights unplugged (yes, not only are they still up but they're still turned on!) and maybe we'll get the furniture put back that we moved for the Smurfday party.  

So, what are we going to look forward to this weekend?  A whole bunch of life's little things.  Some more time outside, possibly.  Maybe a coffee at our favorite shop.  A movie and some snuggles?  

We'll have to see what comes our way.  Happy Friday Night!  What are you looking forward too? 

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