Thursday, January 22, 2015

Four Year Mark

Today is the four year mark for this little blog page that I've got going here.  I clicked back to that first January when I started documenting our lives to see how much has changed in four years.  The funny thing is, besides growing bodies and longer hair, most things have remained the same.  The themes in our life seem to remain constant despite the slight changes in the characters due to age. 
Tonight I am lying in my bed typing these words and next to me lies two sleeping girls.  I love having them close to me.  That hasn't changed.  But instead of fresh bathed babies I have hot, sweaty little bodies, breathing deeply, recharging their batteries for another day.  I can see their faces from the glow of the computer screen, I kiss their cheeks and run my fingers through their hair and I look at them just as I did when they were babies and I still get that feeling that I can't believe these are my girls. 
Four years ago in January, we were getting ready for a fourth birthday and now we are preparing to celebrate number eight!  Fours years ago we were talking about babies growing teeth and now we talk about visits from the tooth fairy.  Four years ago I decided that blogging would be a way for me to celebrate the inbetween days, to take the time to acknowledge and appreciate life's little details.  To write about life's regular events and to not end up with a photo albums full of pictures from a camera that only got taken out for "special" occasions.  And here I am, four years later, posting pictures of our trip to Wal-Mart.  The girls wanted to buy something with the gift cards they received at Christmas.  So off we went to see what treasures could be found.

In case you were wondering, Lexi settled on glitter because the Barbie section was empty and Callie chose temporary hair color.  They both still have money left on their gift cards which also makes them very happy.  Oh, I must mention that Lexi asked if she could just buy chocolate with all her money but mom overruled that decision.  They each bought one treat.  Chocolate Mini Eggs for Lexi and Sour Patch Gummies for Callie.

On Monday nights, one girl dances and one girl goes to gymnastics.  And this past Monday I made it to both classes with my camera under my arm.  Just a regular Monday night, no big show or competition.  Just finding the beauty in the everyday.


The number of posts to this blog has been slowing decreasing over the past four years.  But I'm going to do my best to keep going.  To keep reminding myself that even though the overall theme of loving my family doesn't change, so many of the little details in life do change with time.  I want keep celebrating the little things and take the time to notice them as they are happening.  And that means pausing every once in a while to tell about them in this space.  
Year five of From the Heart, to be continued... 

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