Saturday, January 31, 2015

Goodbye January

Yesterday I left the house at exactly 5:28pm and there was still light left in the sky.  We're ready to tuck January behind us and welcome February with open arms.  Bring on the Groundhog, the Birthdays, the Valentine's, the Travel Plans, and all 28 days of ever increasing daylight!  
The picture on my phone was taken last fall.  We ventured back to this location the other day.  The old cars were covered in snow and the cold wind gave us rosy cheeks and runny noses as we made our way through the deep snow.  
The girls are out on the snow machine every chance they get.  And it's always more fun with friends. They go around and around and around again.   Up and down and around some more.  But I think what they love most about going outside in the winter is the hot chocolate that awaits them when they get inside.



Especially when it's gormet hot chocolate topped with whip cream, marshmallows, chocolate chip, Skor bits, and sprinkles!  Now doesn't that look like the perfect way to send January packing?  Goodbye January.  See you next year.  Cheers!

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