Sunday, January 4, 2015

One Turn at a Time

Tomorrow we enter back into the real world.  This is a tough holiday to recover from.  Returning to school and work after the Christmas break lacks the excitement of returning after summer holidays and the dark mornings make it less thrilling to get up and go compared to after the Spring break when we're blessed with more daylight.  January is the time we put our heads down and trudge through the next six weeks of winter.  And I say six weeks not because that's the end of winter but it at least gets us to a long weekend!
I'm not one for resolutions so much.  I didn't make any goals even though they say goal setting is important.  What I'd really love to do is hibernate until spring.  You know, drink some coffee, read some good books beside a crackling fireplace.  But I don't figure hibernating would make a very good resolution so I will set my alarm, get the lunches made, and put the back packs by the door.

Years ago I went downhill skiing in the mountains.  Since it was my first time ever downhill skiing I started with some lessons like a sensible person would.  I remember getting of the chair lift and looking down the mountain wondering how I was ever going to make it back down to the bottom.  The instructor told us not to look at the bottom but to say to ourselves "just one turn at a time".  And then a group of four year olds skied past me with no poles, following their instructor, just one turn at a time down the side of the mountain. 
Instead of looking down the entire mountain of what's left of winter, I'm going to take it one turn at a time. And hey, if I hibernated I would miss all this...

One turn at a time. Good Night.

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