Thursday, January 1, 2015

Remnants of the Holidays.

I've been thinking about the past two weeks and was wondering if there is any other time of year that can pack in as many emotions in such a short time.  It begins with the hustle of preparing and getting things ready.  Cookies baking, candles burning, company coming, presents to wrap, fridge is stocked, the bar is open and anticipation hangs thick in the air.  With each Christmas concert and Christmas craft and candy put an the gingerbread house we wind up the excitement  meter just a little bit more.

And Christmas morning comes with a bang.  There is a new feeling.  A feeling of joy and love. And the true realization that it really didn't matter what was under the tree but who was around it that mattered most.  Everyone is relaxed.  There is no more waiting.  Coffee is brewing.  Carols are playing.  The dark of the morning turns into the light of the day. The house is a happy mess and no one is worried about cleaning it up.  And after a few days of rest time, lingering in torn wrapping paper and empty boxes, trying out all the new gadgets, lazing around in our jammies, I take a look at the tree and the needles on the floor and make a decision that it's time to move on from Christmas and prepare for a new year. 

Jon and I celebrated our ninth anniversary.  I started the morning looking at our wedding album and texting random pictures to people from nine years ago beginning the flood of well wishes from family and friends.  Having an anniversary on New Year's Eve is pretty awesome.  It's like looking back and looking forward at the same time.  We stayed home and watched the ball drop in New York.  And yes we celebrated the New Year at eleven instead of midnight because of the time difference between here and the big apple just like old married folks would.  Because we like being old, married folks. 

And now, Christmas is all packed up.  The last of the gingerbread is being dipped in my morning coffee.  The fridge has been restocked with healthy, clean eating food. We are talking about Monday morning, next month's birthday girl, and passport renewals. Getting ready and winding up for next round of excitement.

The remnants of the holidays...

Happy New Year.  2015 here we come!

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